Blocking MySpace and More

Have teenagers that you cannot tear away from Myspace, Facebook, or any other social network?  The fix is simple.  Sign up for a free account with!

We are not an affiliate or get paid for advertising.  We just have teenagers too!

Not only can you block those sites but you can block all sorts of stuff, adult sites, illegal activity, video sharing sites, virtual proxies, and general time-wasters.  There are over 50 categories to control individually or select from 4 pre-configured levels. also keeps some malware from getting out if you do get infected.

This does not mean you can stop using your antivirus or antispyware software…YOU STILL NEED IT!

3 simple steps to configure in about 10 minutes.

1. change you current DNS from your ISP to servers. has instructions on how to do this with every operating system and on most routers.  If you have several computers or you have a laptop you use at work and home, you will definitely want to change it on the router to make things easier, or your laptop may not function correctly at your work.

2. sign up for
Yes, you have to change your DNS first, before you sign up.  They track your system based on the IP you are accessing from.  So in order for them to add you to their servers you need to attach to them first.

3. configure your settings.
Once you get an account you goto settings and either select a pre-configured level or pick Custom and check the categories you want ot restrict.

Additionally, you can add websites that fall into a category that you are blocking to the never block list.  At my house, all social networking is blocked, but linkedin on the never block list so that I can get to it.

See how easy it is?  Now you don’t need to be a computer guru to stay ahead of your children.